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Monday, November 3, 2008




See the sunrise

Its give us shine

Gives light to see the future

Is it the future in front of you?


Can you measured it

How strong you face an obstacle

Goal is a goal

Ambitious is in yours

Believe inside behave

Lets fly

Sang your goal

Throw the fool

‘coz at the end

smile will shown


I feel empty

Seen never fillin’ my life

I feel lonely

Where is happiness?

Even the rain exchange the tears, it’s gone

So what the feeling I have?

Hey all…!!

No one can see you

The tears show hurt

The rain show dull

The river shows sadness

I see emptiness along the way

But I just flow the emptiness

Because my life is along this way

But I am not crazy

‘coz I just fill the emptiness

Who knows I’ll find the happiness along the emptiness

But now…..

It’s still empty

Bring the loneliness

Without happiness


Kau yang senyum

Kerna mungkin hati mu bahagia

Dengan warna yang mengisi ruang jiwa

Mengusik rona hidup mu

Tapi kenapa kau muram

Aku bungkam kerana terpandang

Mungkinkah kau sedang kacau

Pada hidup mu tercuit kusam

Bilanglah pada dunia

Siapa diri mu….

Yang kadang-kadang menjadi misteri pada pandangan mata lelaki

Wahai kau wanitasenyumlah selalu

Biar aku senang

Sentiasa memandangmu hingga terhenti kerdipan mata ku



Is around your life

Full with happiness

Without any sadness

You may love your family

Even your couple

It’s the same called love

Like the life live with love

Like the sky colored with rainbow

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