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Monday, January 31, 2011

tip of borneo

Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, is also known as the Northernmost tip of Borneo, is located in the district of Kudat, in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. The tip is the meeting point of Sulu and South China Sea.

A bronze globe marks the location of Tanjung Simpang Mengayau at latitude 7 degrees north and longitude 116 degrees east. A map featuring the island of Borneo is embossed in bronze and laid on a flat surface at an angle with inscriptions to mark the Tip of Borneo.

Today, Tg Simpang Mengayau needs no further introduction. In the advent of this mass-communication era where travel discoveries can propagate like wild fire through the Internet and the print media, this very tip of Borneo Island has slowly done away its unknown state and is fast becoming a must-visit for visitors to Sabah. Not to mention, various tourist facilities have and will be built in the area to accommodate the anticipated influx of visitors to the unique attraction.

The name is rather mind boggling. Tanjung Simpang Mengayau literally means the 'wandering crossroad promontory' which should signify a few things, depending on which literature you read. First and foremost, this is the very point where the South China Sea meets the Sulu Sea. Somehow or rather, it suggests that the water from these two bodies of ocean wanders between each other at the tip. History also has it that Ferdinand Magellan, a famous seafarer, had stopped at the crossroad of these two oceans to repair his fleets. The local dialect name for this ocean promontory is Tanjung Sampang Magazo, which means 'a junction where a battle took place'. A tale from the Rungus tribe's folklore had it that the promontory was used as a lookout point to ward off the invading pirates, and naturally a few battles had taken place through the years.

The area is generally well-kept with proper maintenance and adequate facilities. Ample parking space is provided right at the entrance, as well as some shops selling snacks, gifts, etc. One will have to walk a little bit up to the first landmark, The Globe, which looks more of a glorification for the tip of Borneo, if nothing else. The actual tip is still a further walk down the pavement. Soon, from the top of the hill, you will be presented with a triangular rocky outcrop that protrudes some distance into the ocean. The very tip is generally out of bound, as pointed out by various warning signs along the way, due to the slippery rock surface. Nonetheless, there are some locals seen swimming at the very tip, perhaps as a way to tell that soaking up in the heavenly waters of South China Sea and Sulu Sea is a sanctified ritual that is not to be missed.

The view from the hill top is spectacular. To the south is the beautiful stretch of Pantai Kalampunian which boasts crystal-clear waters. To the north and northeast, views of Pulau Banggi and Pulau Balambangan, the former actually being the biggest island in Malaysia, can be enjoyed on clear days.

In short, Tg Simpang Mengayau holds a very important significance, historically and geographically to the people of Kudat and Malaysians as a whole. It is truly a beautiful place and should not be missed by those visiting Sabah.

p/s :- welcome to sabah :-)


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